Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tattoo Nerd... It's Happening!

 First, I just want to say thank-you for all the wonderful support I have been getting about this blog.  I love tattooing, and I love talking about tattooing with others.  I am glad so many appreciate the information I am offering.  Tell your friends, subscribe, and check me out on Facebook:

 We have big plans coming up.  We are on a two-year time line to make something awesome.  I'll be announcing what that is soon, but in the meantime here are some of the things that will be happening as Tattoo Nerd marches toward our ultimate goal:

-A new post will be added each month on the first on this blog.  If you have a question, please email me at  I usually respond directly, and if your question gets my brain perculating, it could become the basis for a new post.

-Creative Oddities Studios, home of Tattoo Nerd, is become more tattoo oriented.  If you dig my writing you will love my artwork.  We'll be brining more stuff for our fans to check out and get involved in, so stay tuned.

-We are working on a second collection of Jason Sorrell's sketches orineted toward tattoo design to supplement his already popular "Jason Sorrell Coloring Book for Adults".  This will be a little less risque, but feature more designs.

-Tattoo Nerd merchandise is in the works.  

-The Tattoo Nerd Video Channel will be launched on Youtube in 2015.  More demonstrations and more information to supplement the blog.

 For what we have planned, we could really use your support.  Tell your friends, spend a little money at Creative Oddities Studios, and keep the questions and comments coming!

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